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The 100% Satin Silk Pillowcase

Our 100% Satin Silk Pillowcases offers many benefits such as, frizz protection, hydration retention and less chance of hair breakage. This pillowcase is guaranteed to elevate your beauty rest with its soft luxurious feel.

The 100% Satin Silk Bonnet

Our 100% Satin Bonnet was designed to retain the necessary moisture of your hair. Bonnets also help improve control and manageability to increase the longevity of your hairstyle

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The Beauty Basics Boutique is committed to providing our consumers with excellent customer service and the ultimate shopping experience. Our store was created with you in mind. Providing your essential beauty basics is our number one priority. Brea Nycole was eager to create something for us by us which brought about “The Beauty Basics Boutique Beauty Supply Store” and “Brea With the Braids”. Brea saw that this industry lacked great customer service and convenience due to her personal experiences and wanted to provide you with a top tier experience, one you would forever remember and highly recommend. With the combination of her customer service experience and personal shopping experiences she’s willing to aim to do everything possible to ensure your needs are met and we aim to be your sole source of BEAUTY BASICS.